Home trends change with the tides; from one year to another what is popular in home improvements evolve.  In 2016 trends for the home improvement industry look to include smaller homes with the addition of tech savvy features; homes that appeal to younger families who live the on the go life style.  Home purchasers are more intuitive than ever before. They know exactly what they are looking for n a home.  Whether the homes on the market are move in ready or ready for renovation eager first time home buyers are ready to change the direction of home improvements.

One trend in home improvements that is changing the way homeowners manage their homes revolves around smartphones.  Homeowners are eager to take advantage of the easy to use apps now available to manage their homes.  With the possibility of home management being at their finger tips homebuyers are looking to upgrade their homes for convenience. Smart apps make daily household chores less time-consuming while also creating an environment that reduces energy consumption and allows homeowners to live green.

Another popular trend in home improvement include open floor plans that allow the kitchen, dining and living room areas to flow into one another without the distraction of walls and barriers. What occurs when homes are renovated in this fashion is an area that creates a large gathering space.  IT is no secret that the kitchen space is the gathering hot spot in most homes.  While the homeowner/hostess is busy in the kitchen space they can continue to enjoy the presence of their other guests.  Open floor plans are the must have renovation of 2016.

An exterior trend in roofing that is sure to top the most popular home improvement projects of 2016 is incorporating solar energy.  Roofing contractors believe that this is the year that homeowners embrace the trend of harnessing the power of the sun to use that energy to run their homes.  This would reduce the cost of utilities while decreasing the negative effects on the environment.  Roofing contractor’s suggesting that the future of roofing is all about longevity, recyclability and what the roofing offers to the homeowner.

2016 is the year for homeowners to not only consider the environment in their home improvement projects but also themselves.  The get-away-room is a popular concept with the arrival of the open floor plan. Everyone needs a minute alone. Some homeowners choose a spa like bathroom for their retreat but this is not always optimal.  A space that is created to invite homeowners to relax and enjoy their homes alone is a popular home renovation in 2016; this includes small cozy reading nooks to recreation spaces.  Whatever space is assured to offer the homeowner peace and tranquility is a popular home improvement option in 2016.

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