There are a variety of decorative styles of aluminum fencing.  On top of choosing the ornamental options you desire homeowners also get to choose the color of the fence, the size and height of the aluminum fence panels along with special features such as puppy pickets.  Aluminum fencing is like a buffet of fencing options.  Below you will find a guide on styles and options to look for when choosing wholesale aluminum fencing for your home or business.

Flat Top, Spear Top or Both

There are several options within flat top styles of aluminum fencing.  A traditional flat top rail fence is an incredibly classic option in aluminum fence.  The top of the fence is flat however the actual spaces between the pickets and horizontal rails within the fence are spread out to offer a unique look and feel between the styles.

The San Marino Classic is what homeowners would consider classic aluminum fencing.  It is a stunning aluminum fence option with a contemporary three-rail design.  This style of aluminum fencing is a top selling style and is seen as the perfect accent to landscapes and outdoor living spaces.

Spear top fencing options seem almost endless.  When looking at spear top options homeowners can choose from pressed point spear top options, historic Fleur de Lis finials and Excelsior finial peaks.  Aluminum fencing featuring spear tops is considered decorative aluminum fencing.  Not only can you choose the style of spear there are options to consider within the pickets themselves.  The spacing between the horizontal pickets and ornamental add-ons make spear top fencing look like a piece of art within your landscape.

Older more historic homes often choose the Charlemagne spear top fence.  This style offers old world charm and tradition to landscapes.  Accented with historic Fleur de Lis Finials, the Charlemagne is the ideal option for decorative aluminum fencing.

If you are look for an option that includes both the flat top and spear points look no further the New Orleans Classic.  This style of aluminum fence, as well as many others, can be customized with additional touches such as ornamental finials.  The look combines traditional with contemporary favorites.  The comfort of the flat top with the elegance of a spear top design is used to transform your landscape into a visual masterpiece.

Choosing a style of aluminum fence is not a simple task.  With endless options it can actually be a bit overwhelming.  Let the online fencing experts assist you throughout the entire process.  Working directly with online customer service specialists will ease the task.  Don’t be surprised when asked to send pictures of your home, landscape and fence layout in order to ensure a complete customer service experience when choosing a wholesale aluminum fence for your home or business.

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