Many homeowners attempt home renovations every day that are better off left to the professionals.  When it comes to a new roof, hiring a professional roofing contractors will not only save you time but money as well.  Roofing is an art that is perfected overtime.  Seasoned roofers not only offer experience but provide guarantees on a structurally sound, climate resistance roof.  Hiring a roofing contractor also guarantees you won’t be falling off your roof anytime soon!

When looking to find a roofing contractor to install or to make repairs on your roof consider checking online for a list of local roofers.  The internet is a great resource to find professional roofers in your area along with reviews, testimonials and pictures of roofs that they have recently installed.  Many contractors offer free in home consultations.  Take your time online to narrow down the roofers in your area you are considering for your new roof and consult with each of them separately about your new roof.   Choosing a roofing contractor will come down to more than just the price quoted.  As a homeowner time on site, professionalism and a variety of other factors will come into play as you choose the roofer you wish to work with.

When hiring a roofing contractor look to make sure that they are properly licensed and insured.  Each employee must be licensed.  A license is only one piece of evidence that helps to prove that the contractor you are hiring has expertise but is one that is extremely important.  Insurance is another aspect of roofing that is an absolute must.  When an accident occurs, you as the homeowner could be held liable if the roofing company does not have insurance to cover their entire team.  Roofing contractors understand and will often offer up a copy of their insurance policy when giving you a formal quote for your new roof.

The quote itself will contain a list of materials needed based on price verse quality.  A ten year roof may be less expensive right now however in the long run is this little bit of savings important or is a long lasting roof more important.  The quote will also contain a list of labor costs as well as incidental costs.  If this amount seems high in consideration of other quotes that you have received question the contractor to see what all is included.  Customer references are also listed on a roofing estimate.  Carefully look at all of the companies references especially when it comes to homes similar to yours.  Drive by the home and see if you are visually satisfied with the quality of the roof.  Ask the homeowner questions about professionalism, clean up and their overall experience with the roofing contractor.  This will give you a decent idea if you should consider hiring them to install your homes new roof.

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