Are you ready to pop the question to your girlfriend? Do you envision what she will look like and the surprise upon her face when you start to get down on one knee?  How about the look she will have when she sees the beautiful engagement ring you have chosen?  Do you worry at all?  Choosing an engagement ring that your bride to be will love is something that you will only get one chance at.  Since it is a once in a lifetime event your experience level is subpar.  Below you will find tips to ensure she loves the ring as much as her husband to be.

First things first, throw the rule out that says you must spend at least two month’s salary on an engagement ring.  Any girl that is ready to marry you will not care in the least how much the ring cost let alone go through great lengths in determining how much you are in debt with the ring alone.  A better rule to follow is how much cash do you have in hand or can the ring be paid for in full within a year.  Don’t go into debt to purchase a ring that is way above your means.  The women you are about to propose to is way more concerned with becoming your wife now and forever to worry about a debt from her engagement ring.

More importantly take note of your girlfriend’s style.  Is she modern, practical, old fashion, sentimental, extravagant or outgoing?  Her style should matter above anything else.  If your bride to be is an old vintage sole a flashy, large, abundant ring will overwhelm her and perhaps make her uncomfortable.

Practical girls enjoy a single stone with flush settings; rings like this don’t get in the way with everyday activities.  Reserved women tend to choose channel settings with a few smaller stones creating the statement in the middle of the ring.  If your wife to be is more extravagant look into options involving invisible settings with a large middle stone and several small surrounding stones.  Outgoing girls tend to love classic diamond solitaire engagement rings.  If you are unclear check out jewelry that she tends to wear on an everyday basis.  This will help you decide the best option in engagement ring options for her.

Local small town jewelers and online jewelers are great sources when it comes to finding something reasonable in price as well online jewelers.  Looking online at a variety of jewelry options is also a great way to look into different options that are available for purchase when it comes to engagement rings.

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