When it comes time to propose the last thing that should be on your mind is worry or concern over the amount of money you are supposed to spend on an engagement ring. Instead of postponing plans to propose consider some cost saving techniques when it comes to finding and purchasing a beautiful, well received engagement ring.

First things first stop thinking that you must spend at least a month or two’s salary on a diamond engagement ring.  Even if you can devote that type of money to a jewelry purchase should you?  Consider the ability to start married life debt free owning your own home.  If this is not something that is possible with spending that type of money on a ring than forgo the huge ring.  You can find an abundance of affordable rings that are reasonably priced using online jewelers as well as locally owned jewelers.

Maybe a real diamond is not something your fiancé will want.  Consider her wants and desires above your pride.  If she wants the look of a huge diamond but doesn’t necessarily care if it is “real” look into diamond substitutes.  Some women prefer gemstones over diamonds.  Maybe she wants more than a cubic zirconia but less than a diamond, look into moissanite.

Another idea is to buy what you can afford now but purchase through a jeweler that offers upgrades with trade-ins from preciously purchased jewelry.  This is an incredibly common option and is a great way to get engaged and married without going overboard in debt.  Later when you become more established you can go ahead an upgrade if you so desire.

The greatest thing ever is that no matter what you spend at the end of the day your girlfriend will become your bride to be.  If you are choosing the right women and her values align with hers the size of the diamond and the cost of the ring will be the furthest things from her mind when she finds you on one knee proposing to her.  Any ring is far more spectacular than no ring at all when you are sure that the women standing in front of you is your soul mate.   Don’t let the cost of a ring deter your from making both of your dreams come true.

Finding something that fits her style, personality and lifestyle are far more important characteristics to purchasing a ring than making sure you have spent an entire month or two of wages on it.

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