Landscaping care is important in every season especially summer. As our seasons change so must the manner in which you care for your lawn and landscape. Summer landscaping should be centered on creating and maintaining an environment that can be thoroughly enjoyed without spending too much of your spare time. The following are summer tips to help create a landscape that time can be spent and memories made.

1) The first thing to keep in mind is how the space within your yard is used. If you have children you will want space to allow them to run around that is free of obstructions but that also maintains an outer boundary. If you prefer to use the space for entertainment and know that many weekends will be spent around a campfire you may consider turning your landscape into more of a patio area centering on a bon-fire pit. If you prefer a more adult landscape to enjoy afternoon tea consider special seating with a focus on beautiful flowers that bring butterflies in and mosquitos out.

2) Your landscape and lawn care should incorporate getting water to your landscape plants and lawn. In the summer to avoid grass and flowers from drying make sure that they are receiving at least an inch of water each week. It is best to water in the early morning or late evening to avoid as much water evaporation. Even though plants and grass need a certain amount of water to survive make sure that you are not saturating the area. Too much water can be just as bad as not enough.

3) Weeding is an essential element in every lawn and landscape. In flower beds use weed barrier to prevent an overabundance of weeds. When it comes to your grass consider using weed control treatments. Fertilization and aeration are all essential for your grass as well. Weeds take away valuable nutrients that are needed to maintain a healthy lush lawn.

4) When looking into fertilizers for your lawn consider only those that offer a slow release and low nitrogen content. Slow release fertilizers continue to give the lawn nutrients throughout the lawn and plants growing season.

5) Mow your lawn frequently using a sharp mower blade. Your grass should be about two and a half to three inches when mowing is necessary. Cutting more than one third of the grass at one time can cause damage to the blade and root system which in turn creates bare spots and brown patches.

Seasonal lawn care changes are needed to create a lush space to entertain no matter what season. Use the summer to boost the fullness in your lawn as well as the color throughout your flower beds.

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