How do homeowners go about getting the roof they want within their set budget?  It can be done however takes a bit of diligence.  It takes defining alternatives, knowing exactly what you need and outline a definitive budget to stay within during the roofing project.  Below you will find steps to refine your roofing project.

Assess your roofing needs.  Do you need to install a whole new roof or can you get by with repairs to the existing roof?  Homeowners may choose to just repair a leaky roof over replacing it because of the lower cost and smaller time constraint.  However to make the decision between repair and replacement there are a list of factors to consider.  It may be a better option to replace a leaking roof depending on the age of the existing roofing structure and materials as well as its history.  Do you believe the roof will need ongoing repairs?  If this is the case, or with older roofs it may end up being that a full roof replacement is the most cost effective strategy.  Sometimes repairing a roof can be tricky especially when trying to locate matching materials.

Learn about the style of your roof as well as its structure and design to determine the selection of roofing materials you can choose from.   Depending on the weight baring capability and structure under the existing roof limits may apply to the materials you can choose from.  Tile and slate require additional support due to their weight where as lighter materials like metal and asphalt work well on most roof structures without additional structural support.  Consider the number of slopes, gables, stories and roofing angels that your roofing contractor will have to navigate.  These variables add additional fees into the labor cost over large, single story roofs without a steep pitch or varied angles to negotiate while installing your new roof.

Look into the cost of both materials and labor.  The material you choose to have installed on your new roof will help in determining the costs involved.  The cost of both material and labor increase when you choose more specialized materials such as metal, tile, slate or wood over asphalt shingles.  Each material requires special installation that not every roofing contractor as experience in.  In order to ensure your roof is aesthetically please hire a roofing contractor that specializes in the material you have chosen.  This will add to the labor costs but is essential to ensuring the longevity and curb appeal of your new roof.

It is your home and all home improvements should be done to your specifications.  You as the homeowner are the one that will be living with the choices made for years to come.  Take your time when choosing a material and contractor for your new roof.

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