How many products do you estimate are on your local grocery store shelves on any given day?  The ballpark figure from the Food Marketing Institute is that there are about forty thousand different items to choose from.  That is a lot of opposition for your product.  How will you make sure that your product stands out from the competition?

The answer to this billion dollar question – your products package and label design.  Here is a closer look into what makes or breaks your company products packaging and label design.

Simple and Clear:  The next time you are visiting the supermarket take some time to check out a random shelf.  Take a moment to browse through the selection of products.  While you are doing this ask yourself two very simple and clear questions; what is the product used for and what is the brand behind it?

You will simply be amazed at how hard it is to answer these two simple questions.  If your product and label design doesn’t answer these two questions in less than four seconds you can be sure that consumers will move on.  It is a subconscious decision that is made within four seconds.  When you are designing your products label and package it is crucial that you are clear about the product and clear about the brand.

Truthful: Nothing sells your product time and time again more than an honest depiction.   Don’t give your product a “facelift” to a degree that portrays it in a light other than what it is.  Your label should not mislead consumers.

Here is a prime example of what not to do.  Don’t show a soft, gooey chocolate covered cookie on the product label when in reality you are selling a simple, flat, chocolate flavored biscuit.  Instead take time to show the simple, flat, chocolate flavored biscuit in a complimentary, flattering way.  Your label should represent your product at its best allowing your targeted market to get an honest look in to what they are purchasing.

Shelf Impact:   Remember that your product will never be viewed alone or in great deal at the store.  It is important for your product to make a different when sitting on the shelf next to the competition; this is known as your product’s shelf impact.   Your label and product packaging need to be distinctive and appeal to consumers.  Your product’s shelf impact is one of the most important reasons consumers make an initial purchase as well as recalling it at a later date for continued purchases.

Practicality:  Your products container, not just the label, should be sensible as well in size, shape and function.  The container should be practical, simple to use and possible reusable.   Practicality helps combat many package design challenges that exist.   One such example is how difficult ketchup is to get out of the glass bottle.  Ketchup manufacturers decided to win the battle by designing a plastic container where the lid was used as the bottom allowing it to stand upside down.  The struggle with getting the ketchup out of the glass bottle no longer exists.  Practicality sells products.

Using the tips above when designing your package and label will help you to create and manufacture a product that flies off the shelf.

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