Homeowners are always optimistic when they buy a new home. They find and fall in love with a home that may be slightly out of their reach.  They are convinced that with some decent budgeting, trimming of the fat and future increases in pay the monthly payment will be affordable.  What happens next is life.  We all know what occurs then.  Unforeseen expenses come up and the monthly payment that was barely manageable before turns into a burden.  If you find yourself in this situation keep reading.  This article covers a number of ways homeowners can reduce their mortgage payment.

Property Assessment

If the market has changed in any way a property assessment can help.  If your property’s value has decreased in any way or if you think the original assessment is inaccurate you can file a petition to have it re-evaluated.  Lower evaluations can often lead to substantial savings over the lifetime of your mortgage.


If you feel that you have more than twenty percent equity into the house you can petition the lender to cancel your private mortgage insurance otherwise known as a PMI.  This could help alleviate the extra payment associated with the monthly expense of private mortgage insurance.

Loan Modification

If you are truly having difficulties a mortgage modification could be the answer to your problems.  This process can lower your balance and make your monthly payments more affordable.  This option is not without ramifications however so before you go this route contact a home loan specialist.


The first few years, your monthly mortgage payment goes mostly to interest instead of the principal of the mortgage.  The effect of the interest payment is significant.  When it comes to refinancing your mortgage you will want to calculate the monthly interest savings verse how much it will costs to refinance the loan.  In theory refinancing is the process of taking out a mortgage on the existing amount owed on the home loan at a lower interest rate.    Often times you can extend the amount of time in which to repay the mortgage as well to lower the monthly payment even more.

If you need assistance with your mortgage in order to decrease the monthly payment meet with your mortgage broker.  They have insight on the lowest interest rates, loan options along with connections within the industry to help lower your monthly mortgage payment.  This in turn lowers the amount you will pay on the overall home loan as well.

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