Your home should be as unique as you are.  One way that this can be accomplished is by installing an electronic driveway gate.  Not only do driveway gates offer an unbeatable first impression they offer security, privacy and convenience to homeowners.  Whether you choose an aluminum, wrought iron or wooden entry gate it is an ideal way to finish off your driveway.  You can really give your home the wow factor with the installation of an entry gate.

Using a driveway gate along with a perimeter fence enhances the landscape, promotes security and offers privacy that nothing else can.  Installing flowers and trees enhance the landscape but don’t promote security or privacy.  A home alarm or video system promotes security but does nothing to enhance the landscape.  Shrubs and bushes can offer some privacy but do very little for security.  Only perimeter fencing and driveway gates offer your home the luxury of all three.

Perimeter fencing is also beneficial in keeping children and pets within a safe boundary.  This is especially important when you live in a neighborhood or on a busy street with lots of traffic.  The fence is a great barrier marking property boundaries while working to improve the aesthetics of your home.

When you choose a driveway gate for your home you can be confident that the gate you choose is known for its strength and endurance.  This is especially true when you choose aluminum and wrought iron driveway gates.  With the power coating that is applied to both wrought iron and aluminum the gates remain beautiful without much maintenance at all.  They are designed to withstand a variety of climates and can be paired with gate operators intended to do the same.  They also offer a variety of designs, styles and colors to match or compliment fencing and your home’s exterior.

Consider if a swing or slide gate is best for your driveway location.    A swing gate is the most visually appealing.  It however requires a large opening radius depending on the length of the gate.  A sliding gate eliminates that issue and eliminates that issue if space is limited.  The gate opener you choose is dependent upon nothing other than personal preference.

Both gate options can be paired with several openers.  You can choose from wired or wireless options.  You can choose a battery operated opener, one run on solar power only or on powered by a combination of batteries and solar power.  There are keypad operators with intercoms and keypads, keycard options, remote controls or even using the telephone.  Each option has features that work better for your lifestyle.

Choosing an electronic entry gate to finish your driveway is a no brainer.  The only real decisions you need to make is what material you will use, what operator you desire and which entry control system will be the most convenient for your needs.

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