Preventative maintenance is crucial when it comes to staying ahead of major problems that can arise around your home.  It is easy to overlook simple safeguards when your home is functioning properly.  An easy way to ensure that your home is cared for on a regular basis is to create a weekly, monthly, seasonal and yearly plan of action to anticipate problems before they occur.   A roof inspection is one of the most important yearly inspections that you can do for your homes well being.

Three quarters of inspecting your homes roof can be done from the ground.  In fact the less you walk around on the shingles the better for your roof and the safer you will be.  Work around the home from the ground; grab a pair of binoculars to help view potential problems without ever getting on a ladder.

Here is what to look for:

–          Worn caulking that appears to be cracking

–          Rust build up or spots starting to show on flashing

–          Buckling, curling, cracking or blistered asphalt shingle materials

–          Shingles that are missing or broken

–          Rubber boots around vent pipes that are worn or cracking

–          Damage to the chimney cap

–          A build up of moss, algae or lichen as this can signal roof decay (It is important to note that black algae is cosmetic)

At any point if you see asphalt grit in the gutters it is a bad sign.  The granules from the asphalt protect the roofing shingles from the ultraviolet rays that can cause extreme damage.  If you begin to see your shingles are losing granolas it is a sure signal that you roof is aging and is close to the end of its life cycle.

Not all roofing problems require a professional roofing contractor to fix them.  However, if the homeowner is unsure of heights or has an issue with getting on the roof it is advisable that a roofing contractor is called in to repair even the most minor of issues.

Most homeowners can fix loose, damaged or missing shingles or replace cracked caulking around flashing.  Nails on the roof that have popped out of place can easily be tapped back into place by even novice do it yourselfers.  Simple roofing repairs require about half a day and can be done for around thirty dollars.  A bundle of asphalt shingles is about twenty four dollars and roofing caulk and tar costs around six dollars per tube.

If you notice that the caulk around the metal or vinyl flashing, chimneys, sky lights or attic vents is separating the old caulk should be removed, the area cleaned and new caulk installed.   If the vent boot or flashing itself has begun to visually deteriorate it is important that the piece itself is replaced.

When repairs are beyond what homeowners feel comfortable tackling on their own a professional should be called in.  When hiring a professional roofing contractor it is best to seek bids from at least two roofing companies.  Minor repairs can be done by most handymen inexpensively if you are in a hurry. It is best however to establish a relationship with a roofing contractor as you never know when an emergency is going to strike and you will need more than just an ordinary, everyday handyman.

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