There are six common rules of package and label design that will help ensure your product stands out over the competition.  The products package and label design needs to market the product on its own as you will not be sitting on the shelf selling it directly.  In this article we will discuss common rules in package and label design that work together to create the masterpiece which will represent your brand and product.  A strong package and label design will help to ensure that your product is chosen before one of the forty thousand competitors.

Clarity and Simplicity

The label on your product should clearly and simply state the answer to these two questions: what is this product used for and what is the brand behind it?  If your product label does not clearly present the answer to these two questions you have a problem.  In less than four seconds the average consumer has decided to purchase or pass on your product.  Your package design should be appropriate for the product category and your label should be clear, simple and stand out.


Your label needs to be an honest representation of your product.  Strive to depict your product in a way that is believable and allows the customers to visualize what they are purchasing.  Don’t mislead consumers by depicting your product in a light that is ten times better than it actually is.  Ultimately this will lead to consumer disappointment, which in turn leads to poor sales and a negative brand image.


Great brands all have three things on common: they are original, have their own character and are memorable.  With hundreds of competing products the only way to set your product apart is to be authentic.  Creating authenticity using a product label is not something that advice can really be given on.  It comes from creating something that is visually strong and unique to your product and brand. If for instance, most competitors are using a vertical label with cartoon characters go for a horizontal label using photos or illustrations.  Be unique and different while staying true to your brand image.

In the next installment on the six most common rules of package and label design we will look more in depth into labeling elements that your products shelf impact, extensibility and practicality.  Creating a label that makes the most out of each of these six rules will help to ensure its success.

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