An age old question that comes with buying a new home or refinancing comes with finding a mortgage broker that will find you the best rate possible.  What do you need to look for in a mortgage broker?  Is it possible to find a better rate on your own working with a credit union or bank?  In many situations a credit union or bank is perfect however getting your mortgage refinanced or a new mortgage for a new home a mortgage broker is more prepared to find a rate offer and lender that match your need.

One of the best things about using a mortgage broker is that they aren’t only in it to help you find a mortgage but also to provide you with support in your overall financial standings.   In order to do this your broker must make sure that they understand your needs, your situation and your future goals.

The first step to accomplish this is to speak with you at length.  They will ask you about your needs and will inquire about your living arrangements currently.  If you are also selling a home they will want to take that into consideration as you will have additional funds that can be used.  If the broker sees an issue with what you want or thinks that it may land you in trouble financially they will guide you in a direction that is more fitting.  They will not allow you to get in over your head with your purchase.

When meeting with a mortgage broker make sure that they are truly in it for you.  Are they speaking your language?  The conversation should only revolve around how they can help you.  While listening to you they should be engaging and asking relevant questions.  This is the sign of a broker who is looking out for you and your interests.  When working with a bank or other financial situation you may be pushed between several different employees.  Where in reality some of them may know nothing about your situation and not understanding what your needs are.  You should be working with one person who is knowledgeable about your condition and working to find you the best rate with your situation in mind.  Using a mortgage broker you have one individual who knows you and all about mortgages to guide you throughout the process.

After taking in your financial status, your earnings, investments, expenses and other things the broker will get you an optimized mortgage.  Brokers work with a variety of lenders to find you the best rate and mortgage available based upon your situation.  They will then make recommendations to help guide you throughout the process until you are the proud owners of a new mortgage.  Throughout each and every stage they will be able to answer your questions and clear your mind; this alone simplifies the process.

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