The snow is here and the temperatures are blistering throughout the north which has left us ready for some sunshine.  In order to ensure your home is prepared for these events it is important to have your homes roof inspected twice a year.  Below we will go through a few helpful tips to ensure your home is safe and prepared for sun, snow, rain and ice.

Tips To Ensure Your Homes Roof Is Ready For Winter

1)      When you own or rent a home it is crucial to look for signs of exterior and interior leaks and cracks.  These repairs can easily be repaired by homeowners or roofing contractors. Sealing the cracks helps to prevent them from expanding further.  The sealing of cracks also helps to keep the heat in and the cold air out during harsh winter months.

2)      Prepare your homes gutters and downspouts as they are a part of your roof and that is an important factor to remember.  If the gutters and downspouts are not clean and free of debris roof damage is likely to occur as the water sits, freezes, thaws and freezes again.  The extra weight of the frozen water can cause the gutters and downspouts to become unattached from the shingle roof or break all together.  This will cost you time and money that maintenance can prevent.

3)      Any damage that happens to the roof needs to be immediately repaired to prevent further damage or more severe damage.  If you have a shingled roof and you see that the shingles are damaged or becoming wore it is important to fix them right away.  The warmer the weather the better the time it is to fix it.  In cold weather you will need to use more precautions to prevent shingles from splitting.

4)      Make sure that your home attic has enough insulation and ventilation.  When your home does not have a proper amount of either icicles and/or ice dams will occur.  Both will cause damage to your roof that will need a roofing contractor to fix.

5)      It is important to know your limitations as a homeowner.  If any roofing repair is over your head, to complicated or just too dangerous call in a professional roofing contractor.  Roofing contractors are professionals and have been repair and installing new roofs longer than the average homeowner.  They know what they are doing and will help you get your roof in shape for the winter.

Repairing your roof or having a new roof installed keeps you from larger repairs down the road.  It also helps to keep money in your pocket with heating and air conditioning costs.  Keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer is that main goal and an intact roof that is in top shape will help you accomplish this.

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