When you are updating your homes roof you are not only making a large financial investment but also an extreme makeover on the overall look of your home.  The shelf life of your roof can be upwards of thirty years.  It is crucial you choose a color shingle that is not only strong and reliable but also pleasing to the overall look and style of your home.  Below are some tips to help you when choosing a color for the shingles for your homes new roof.

Don’t rush it

The shingle color of your new roof should not be rushed.  A new roof is something that takes serious consideration and considerable thought.  The color of the shingle is something you will have to live with for a substantial period of time.  It will also affect the value of your home in years to follow.   Don’t rush choosing a color of shingling for your new roof.

Talk with your roofing contractor

Ask for an opinion from roofing contractors that are estimating the cost of your new roof.  They have presumably seen a million different combinations of shingle colors and exteriors that work well with one another.  They can share colors that compliment your home’s exterior structure and current siding.  When choosing a shingle color choose one that does not clash with the trim and siding as these larger pieces have the biggest impact on your homes curb appeal.

Go over all of your options

Within the shingle market there are many different, unique options.  Consider your homes architecture to help guide your new shingle purchase.  Does your exterior mix better with a singular color shingle or a blend of multiple color shingles?

Use available technology

Technology is one of the greatest tools in home renovations of our generation.  Many shingle manufactures and roofing contractors have the ability to download a photo of your current home while uploading different color shingles and roofing combinations.  This can help you visualize the new roof with the current exterior or future updated exterior changes.

Examine the shingles in person

Look at the shingles in person.  The colors of the shingles will look different in person.  You should have your roofing contractor take the different color samples up on to the roof while you roof at them from below.  Something that is busy up close may be the perfect blend at a distance.

Check out the roofs in your neighborhood

Don’t go radically different when choosing a color for your shingles than that of our neighbors especially within a neighborhood where homes are lumped closely together.  Your home will look out of place and will garner unwanted negative attention.  You don’t want your house to be known as the house that is totally out of place.

Understand your home’s unique style

Although you don’t want your home to stand out as radically different from the others you do want it to stick out.  Compliment your home’s unique style with shingles that are unique but flattering in a positive way.

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