As a homeowner we often use an extreme amount of energy without even considering where it is all going to.  In this article we will look into the ways in which we use energy throughout our homes on a daily basis and how you may be able to address the largest areas of waste within your home.

Appliances and electrical components that use a lot of power are often referred to as electrical vampires.  These appliances rack up high energy bills not only when they are being used but as they are plugged in and sit waiting to be used.  This wastes energy and increases home energy bills.  To avoid the extra expense consider using power savers on the following pieces of electrical equipment within your home.

Video Game Consoles

Who doesn’t enjoy unwinding at the end of the day with a game shared with the family on a video console?  Although video game consoles are a great way to unwind they are a huge draw on the energy within your home.  If the console is plugged in it is drawing energy.  So even if you are not enjoying the console it is using energy.  Even when a console is turned off if it plugged in it is expending approximately one watt of energy.

Laptop Computers

It is almost impossible to believe but a laptop uses more energy than a desktop computer.  Laptops have many different components that are running within together in one place.  This means that the system need additional energy over that off a desk top computer to function.  A desktop, on average, uses about three watts of energy whereas a laptop runs on about nine watts while it is turned off.  Consider though that a desktop also uses electricity to run speakers, monitors, scanners, modems and USB hubs.  When deciding which source is a better use of energy for your home consider the entire system as a whole and not each component separately.

Cable Boxes

Cable boxes may seem completely innocent as they sit on top of the television console waiting to be used however they are one of the worst electrical component offenders when it comes to energy usage in your home.  When off, on average a cable box uses about twenty eight watts of power.   While in use a cable box uses about thirty watts.

If you are concerned with the amount of energy that various electrical components are using while plugged in and turned off or turned on there is only one way to eliminate the issue and that is to unplug it.  As a homeowner you may be looking for a solution that does not require you to unplug and plug in appliances as they are used within the home.  In this case an easy, straightforward solution is the addition of power strips.  A power strip in the off position only uses about a single watt of electricity which is far less than any of the above components.

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