Installing an aluminum driveway gate is a cost effective way to create a safe protective barrier between your home and the rest of the world.  Although driveway gates come in a variety of materials aluminum tends to be the most popular option.  Wood tends to require a great deal of maintenance while wrought iron tends to be heavy and expensive.  Aluminum electric driveway gates give you the same look and feel of wrought iron without breaking the bank.

Electronic Aluminum Driveway Gates Offer You Many Options

As with aluminum fencing, electronic aluminum driveway gates offer a variety of options to homeowners.  They come in a various colors and styles.  A custom driveway gate can be designed to match or compliment your homes primary fence while adding an additional decorative and ornamental flair.  The customization of your driveway fence allows your fence to standout from others in the neighborhood.  Clean lines are popular when it comes to installing a new driveway gate.

Aluminum Driveway Gates are Practically Maintenance Free

Aluminum gates are covered in the same protective powered coating that is used on aluminum fencing.  This prevents them from chipping, rusting and cracking as you would see if you installed an iron gate.  The aluminum material does not rust therefore it does not require the upkeep of most other gate materials.  Iron gates require sanding, cleaning, staining or repainting over time.  With an aluminum driveway gate and the warranty offered by many wholesale gate suppliers the finish is guaranteed not to chip, crack or flake.

Electronic Entry Gates Designed From Aluminum Are The Ideal Weight

Iron gates are quite heavy and require specialized gate operators.  Aluminum gates open using a standard slide or swing gate operator.  When an electronic driveway gate is installed homeowners get to choose an automatic control system to open and close the gate.  The control system can be operated using electricity, battery power, solar power or a combination.  If ever the fence needs to be manually opened and closed aluminum gates are perfect for that as well.  Iron gates often take more than one person to be able to open and close them if the gate operator fails.  The weight of the aluminum fence causes less wear and tear on the tracks and rollers of sliding gates or the hinges of swing gates.  The weight of the aluminum allows the gate operator to last longer because it is so much lighter in weight than materials such as iron.

When you are beginning to consider the installation of a driveway entry gate look into aluminum because it truly offers a lightweight gate option that is maintenance free with several customizable options to chose from.

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