In our last installment on shingle roofing we learned a great deal about the different types of shingles including fiberglass and organic. We also learned about the different options including three tab shingles and architectural shingles. In this installment we will look into the different styles, colors, durability and cost of asphalt shingle roofing.

When it comes to the style of your roof it is getting harder and harder to tell when shingles have been applied. Improved technology in creating asphalt shingles has created shingles that mimic the look of several other popular styles of roofing material including slate, wood shakes and tile. Asphalt shingles can also be shaped to mimic certain styles including scallops that compliment Victorian style homes or squares those suite Colonial homes. Asphalt shingles are available to suite just about any style home or style roofing you are looking for while continuing to be cost effect and durable; both important features of asphalt shingling.

Another area that asphalt shingles has going for it is the selection of colors available. Depending on what color and style your home is there is a complimentary color of asphalt shingle available to enhance it. You can find a variety of tones ranging from gray to black, tan to beige, and red to brown. Manufacturers of shingles are also mixing light and dark tones to compliment your homes style. Many roofing contractors have software available that will allow you to actually “try” the color on your home before you purchase the materials.

Shingle roofing comes with a variety of warranties as well. The shingle warranty is equivalent to the durability of the shingle. Consider the shingles warranty carefully. Roofing is expensive and is not something homeowners want to take part of on a routine basis. Climate, roof pitch, sunlight and regional changes can all affect the durability of your shingles. Consider the style of your roof, your climate and above factors when considering the shingle warranty you will be looking for in your homes shingles.

Replacing your homes roof is not an inexpensive task. Roofing materials and labor is expensive no matter where you live. It is especially pricey in areas where you are limited by seasonal changes as to when you can replace your roof. The average ten by ten section of roofing can range in cost from one hundred dollars to two hundred dollars. There are several factors that go into this cost including the pitch of your roof, the material chosen, if you are shingling over shingles or if you have stripped the roof as well as the warranty given on materials and the roofing contractor’s labor.

The best advice when it comes to roofing is to purchase top grade, high warranty shingling that is backed by a certified, licensed roofing contractor. Even if it is a bit more expensive you save yourself all the time, money and hassle of having to replace your roof again the future. Once you replace your homes roof once you will understand that it is not a process you will want to have to endure every ten years.

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