It’s that time of year, wedding season.  The spring and summer season is a busy time of year for many different types of celebrations including getting married.  Jewelry becomes a hot seller amongst online jewelry companies as well right around this time, coincidence? We think not.  The truth is that wedding jewelry is usually one of the last things that brides and groom purchase.  It is best to wait until the brides dress and bridesmaid dresses come in order to get a true feel for them.  Once you make some final decisions with the dress in hand about things as simple as your hair style you will be better set to make decisions on bridal jewelry.

What you choose as far as bridesmaid’s jewelry is significant as you want it to not only fit with the style of the dress and occasion but you also want it to be something that they will treasure and find use for in the future.  There is a lot to consider such as the style of your wedding; is the wedding super formal or more laid back and casual?  Also consider the time of day, the dress that was chosen, hairstyle choice and wedding theme.

When looking at the style of the wedding choose appropriate pieces.  A chunky statement piece may not be as appropriate for a casual wedding as it would be for a formal occasion.  Casual weddings call for a more understated approach to jewelry.  With a casual or intimate wedding a simple pair of studs or drop earring with a pendant necklace is most appropriate.

The theme and color of the wedding should also be a consideration when it comes to bridal party jewelry.  For instance as wedding that is beach themed jewelry could include pearls or shells combined with crystals.  Or with a vineyard wedding you could bring in a hint of color based around the dress and wine that will be served.  There are elegant ways to bring the theme of your wedding into your choice of jewelry for your bridesmaids.

A wedding I attended recently was placed in a grand garden setting.  The bride chose to give each of the bridesmaid’s elegant jewelry fashioned to resemble the flower.  It was beautiful, classic and tied together in the most stylish manner without being too much.  The earrings were small silver drop earrings shaped in a belle just like the bud of the flower.  The necklace was a more elaborate piece using the belle shape that was represented in the earrings mixed in with a combination of silver, crystal and pearl.  Stunning is the only adjective to describe the jewelry.  Come to find out after the wedding the groom had also had a ring made for his bride fashioned in the same design as the jewelry she had given her bridesmaid.

Consider the dress neckline as well as the hairstyles that your bridesmaids will be wearing.  If hair is going to be swept up it is feasible to do a chunky earring however if hair is going to be warn loose and down it is best to stick with a simple understated stud earring.  The same is true for a necklace. If the top of the gowns are heavily designed there is no need to have a drastic necklace however with a simpler gown a necklace can bring attention up to your face.

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