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Saniglow Uses Thermography to Pinpoint Inefficient Home Energy Use

Brighton, Michigan – In a time when consumers are concerned with rising costs, falling income, and ‘going green’ to not only protect our limited natural resources, but to also lower their home energy use, Saniglow, a Brighton, Michigan based home and business cleaning company, introduces a service to meet the needs of Livingston County residents…

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Should you Remove Spyware, or Hire a Professional?

Spyware is an all-too-real, but definitely unwanted, reality that faces PC owners today. There is computer software that comes pre-installed with spyware, websites that embed spyware into your computer without your knowledge, and unfortunately, even anti-spyware software that actually proliferates your computer’s infections due to malicious intent by savvy but morally bankrupt marketers. For as..

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Local Flood Clean Up Services

During the spring and summer, Michigan homes and businesses are prone to flooding. With melting snow, flash floods, and sometimes a torrential downpour while the winter snow is melting, rivers run over, water builds up in our yards and on our streets, and that can lead to some serious flooding, and potentially damage, to our..

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