Your home is your fortress. The first layer of protection on any fortress is the roof and siding materials. It is the first layer enemies have to penetrate before damaging the structural materials holding the home together. Many people don’t recognize the enemies that the home’s outside layer are forced to protect against day in and day out. When it comes to protecting your home and roofing material it is important to know what types of opponents it will be facing.

Depending on the elements in which your fortress is built you will face varying obstacles when it comes to your roof. The performance of the roofing material is affected by many factors and choosing the right material for your climate is crucial for the roof to perform well for you.
o Sun: The sun is an enormous enemy of you your roof. The rays of the sun cause roofing material to deteriorate at a faster pass when exposed directly to them. This is the number one reason that asphalt shingling is rarely seen in climates where the sunny season is the majority of the year.
o Rain/Condensation: Moisture can wreak havoc underneath shingles and cedar shakes. Water can also work underneath the barriers used to install a new roof, if not properly installed, and cause damage to the roof deck and cause structural damage as well. When performing your yearly home maintenance check be sure to look for signs of moisture in the attic around the roofing beams so that water issues can be immediately taken care of at the roofing level.
o Wind: Another of Mother Nature’s evil elements from the view of your roof. Wind damage can occur when high winds lift shingles leaving a void or damage shingles peeling at the corners. Once the roofing material is damaged form the wind, the roof is more susceptible to water, debris and extensive damage to the roof.
o Snow and ice: Winter weather is another major issue when it comes to keeping your roof intact. If your home is located in a winter weather climate it is important that you prevent ice dams from building up at the edge of the roof. Roof dams prevent proper drainage and can cause the water to seep underneath the roofing material. This can cause issues with the material on the roof, the gutters and downspouts.
o Moss and algae: Moss is an issue from any home without adequate light to allow the roofing material to thoroughly dry. It is a catch twenty two, too much sun and your roof deteriorates, too much and you get algae. Both moss and algae can cause your homes roof to rot and deteriorate faster than it should. More than anything the growth is unsightly and a nuisance to remove. If you choose to have the substance removed hire a professional roof cleaning company. It is a delicate process. Then prevent the moss from reappearing by trimming trees that shade the roof and make sure the roof has proper drainage.
Your roof takes a beating as the first layer of protection for the homes structure. It is important as homeowners we do our best to take care of issues as soon as they begin rather than waiting until a problem exists. If you are aware of outside elements that are beating up your roof you will be able to keep an eye out for damage and fix it right away, prevent issues from accumulating. New roofs are expensive, roof repairs aren’t and will increase the lifetime of your roof.

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