There is no doubt that choosing a pocket knife comes down to personal preference. Women and men alike need to have a pocket knife handy at all times. It is a multipurpose tool. Pocket knives come in handy because they are compact and can easily be stored as the name applies in a pocket or purse. Whether you need it to open a package, slice a string, peel and apple or sharpen a pencil a pocket knife proves its purpose over and over again.
I often get asked how someone would go about choosing the perfect pocket knife. Most pocket knife owners are not looking at the knife for collectability but instead for ease of use and longevity. If this is what you are looking for I guarantee you won’t find it at the local five and dime or corner mart. You can find quality options online and fairly inexpensive. Most distributors of specialty knives offer free shipping and their products are backed not only by their individual warranty but also the manufacturers.
A quality, folding pocket knife is not difficult to find. There are many top knife companies that offer widely different characteristics in pocket knives. Some things to consider are if you are looking for something simple, tactical or something traditional. If the knife is to be carried in ones pocket it is preferable to have a knife that folds. Other things to consider are the thickness of the blade, the length of the blade, the way the knife locks as well as the material the handle and blade are made out of. Here are some top brands to look into when considering a pocket knife:
1) Boker Tree Brand Knives
Boker is a German based knife supplier and is known throughout the specialty knife community for manufacturing high quality blades at all different price levels. They are popular among knife enthusiastic for their tactical, sport, pocket and collectors knives.
2) Smith and Wesson Knives
Smith & Wesson is widely known for their production of handguns along with their presence in the law enforcement community. S & W knives are made of the same attributes as their line of handguns and rifles. They also offer a variety of pocket knives in varied price ranges. You can’t go wrong with a Smith and Wesson pocket knife.
3) W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery
Case is a popular American manufacturer of premium, hand-crafted pocket knives. They offer an intense selection to choose from in regards to the metal and handle materials on their pocket knives. You can find anything from Carbon Fiber to Mother of Pearl. Blade variety as well is varied amongst the pocket knives that hold the Case brand name; whether looking for a pocket knife with a gut hook and saw blade or hoof pick and clip blade.
You can find a pocket knife for everyday use from any of the three brands mentioned or from thousands of other manufactures such as: Benchmade, Spyderco, Kershaw, Swiss Army and Victorinox. There is a knife for every user, the goal is to identify the uses you have for a pocket knife and to find one that represents you and that will meet your needs.

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