Every homeowner has a preference in how they want their home and space to function and flow. This is true in every room in a home especially the kitchen and bathroom spaces. Every year you will notice that there are trends and fads that are incorporated into remodels and new construction that update spaces and give a fresh look and feel to the space. It also dates your home without trying.
I don’t consider a kitchen and bathroom space having the look and feel of a certain time or era as a bad thing. To be honest this is what makes a home unique. Yes, there are times when it looks plain out dated but can easily be updated adding a few minor tweaks to the space and an entire overhaul or room renovation is not needed.
A home I recently went into was very much reminiscent of an older eighties style kitchen. The yellow coloring, oak cabinets, laminate counters and linoleum flooring. Dead give a ways to a space that had seen its hay day. The couple grappled with many decisions. The cabinets were in great shape, the function of the kitchen layout was perfect and everything was still in incredible shape. The space needed minor updates however not every aspect of this eighties kitchen needed to be removed.
The solution was to add in some changes from trends that are up and coming this year. Trends in cabinetry are on two opposite spectrums wither bright white or dark finishes. The couple really liked the idea of a dark finish especially since the linoleum countertop was lighter and was not going to be replaced. We decided to go with a cherry/black finish and add a super glossy glaze. This is an incredibly up to date look for cabinetry. We replaced the eighties gold handles with some super sleek dark satin stainless steel cabinet hardware and installed a new touch activated faucet.
Another element that we added to update the cabinetry is to remove the center of the cabinet door and replace it with glass. Using glass elements in kitchens adds a modern element and really makes the space updated. The cabinets that had their small middle sections replaced with glass were then filled with pieces that were used often and pretty enough that they needed to be visible. We also added glass elements in the form of vases filled with stones. This couple collected rocks from their adventures and they were currently stored away. This gave the couple a place to display their finds while bringing in an element of nature.
The flooring is where the couple decided to spend their renovation funds. The linoleum flooring dated the space in an unbelievable way, the material, the pattern and the colors all reminiscent of the eighties. For this couple ceramic flooring was the look and feel they were interested in. They choose a rustic slate tile in twelve by twelve squares. The larger tiles looked great in their space as the dining room and kitchen were blended into one space as many eighties kitchens were designed.
These few upgrades really brought this couples eighties kitchen into the twenty first century. The space did not need a complete renovation as the space functioned perfectly with the current layout. Thankfully this space had good bones to begin with making this update a whole lot simpler.
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