Before you purchase a fence for your home, yard or pool side consider the following; why you want the fence, the material, will you install it and style.
Before you purchase and install a fence question the motives for adding a fence to the yard. Are you adding a fence to keep the dog from relieving himself in the neighbor’s yard? Then perhaps a chain link fence is the route for you. Are you installing fencing for pool safety? If this is the case you might be looking into a more decorative black aluminum pool fence. If privacy is your concern wooden privacy fencing is available.
The material for the fence is an important piece of the equation. Everyone thinks of the perfect little white picket fence however, do they consider the upkeep needed to paint a wooden fence white each and every season? I am assuming that for the most part they don’t. If you are going for the quaint little white picket fence consider vinyl. Wooden fences hold up well once sealed but will take upkeep every few years to keep them looking fresh. A good power washing and sealing stain can do the trick however maintenance is required. If looking for maintenance free fencing materials choose wrought iron, aluminum, chain link or vinyl. These options require a general light spray cleaning to look fresh season after season.
If you are looking to fence in your entire yard and cost is a factor you can consider mixing materials. Chain link fencing is inexpensive and can be used to enclose an entire backyard for a lot less than aluminum or wood. Use your money wisely and place the fencing that is meant for aesthetics at the front of the house. Use a combination maybe a vinyl picket fence in the front, where it is seen from the road, and chain link in the back, hidden from street view.
Before purchasing any type of fencing talk with local municipalities and your homeowners associations. Some dictate that certain fence types must have the face side (the pretty side) of the fence face outward. Some dictate that the posts can’t face public property. I have heard of some home owners associations that do not allow fencing at all on the property as it distracts from the open air feeling of the community. Before outlaying the funds consider the rules and regulations governing fencing in your area.
Are you going to hire a professional to install the fence or try to do it yourself? This will play a role in the type of material you choose for installation as well. Certain fencing is more difficult to install than others. Wood fence is fairly simple to install where as aluminum fence is best installed by a licensed fencing contractor.
Once the fence has been chosen and installed make sure to take time to blend it into the landscaping. Fencing can stick out like a sore thumb if homeowners don’t take the time to make the fencing a part of the yard. You may do this with stain on wooden fence, crawling plants with chain link fencing or pretty shrubs and flowering plants that are perfect with vinyl picket fencing. Your landscape and fencing should be used as an extension of the curb appeal of your home. With the right material, professional installation, up keep and blended landscaping yours should like it was always there.

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