Men’s jewelry and accessories are always a bit trickier than women’s. If a women over accessorizes she is eccentric when a man over does the jewelry and accessories he sticks out like a sore thumb. When choosing jewelry for the men in your life consider the following tips. Men can wear jewelry and still maintain their masculine look.
1) There should be a reason to all men’s jewelry
• Most men don’t wear jewelry for the look. Usually jewelry will have a sentimental value or be a status symbol. Before purchasing pieces consider what purpose or value the piece will hold to the male recipient. Important life events are usually symbolized with jewelry and for men this is no different. Marriage is symbolized with wedding bands, belief in faith is symbolized with a cross pendant and often times the birth of a child is symbolized with a piece that includes the gemstone of the baby’s birth such as cuff links.

2) Mr. T went out with the eighties
• Less is more when it comes to men and jewelry. Only Mr. T could get away with gold chains encompassing his entire chest. Gold jewelry should be purchased and worn in a complimentary fashion for the men in your life. When considering the purchase of gold necklace for your man take into consideration the size of his neck and where the chain will lay.

3) Compliment your current style
• If the man in your life is a bit more artsy he can probably get by wearing a few pieces that compliment the look. Some rugged pieces layered in a necklace or bracelet would work for him. However if he is more clean cut and has a pulled together, proper look simple platinum piece may work better.

4) If unsure, forget it
• If the man in your life is uncomfortable with wearing jewelry don’t push him. When you are not in your comfort zone it will show. Each piece of jewelry should be an extension of who you are.

5) Practicality is a good choice in men’s jewelry
• Watches are a great option when in doubt regarding a jewelry purchase for the man in your life. It is also a way to exemplify status and convey wealth. Watches also help convey the message that a man is confident and in a position of power.

6) Sentiment in rings
• Celebration of an event is a classic reason to purchase a piece of jewelry. Wedding bands, class rings and fraternity rings all have a sentimental value and can be worn by men without looking over the top. Just make sure that they are worn in moderation. A man wearing a hand full of rings looks like Mr. T not a classy entrepreneur.
Men’s jewelry is a tricky purchase. Be sure to consider the man in your life when choosing a piece. Cuff links, tie tacks and watches are perfect for men that wear a suit and tie every day while not as practical as the man who is tearing cars down on a daily basis. Of course, if your purchase is not viewed with excitement on the man’s behalf don’t be hurt; take the jewelry back and move to a purchase that better suits your man.