The holidays are right around the corner, which means many of our to-do lists are piling up. Between dealing with the busy holiday rush and feverishly working to meet the new year’s goals, there’s no time to waste. Due to the already-busy season looming ahead, where does marketing your business fit in? 

Holiday cards are a great way to connect with potential customers and serve as a subtle reminder to previous clients. One of the most effective tools for marketing to consumers, direct mail produces higher responses than all digital channels combined. By offering your customers an incentive with holiday discounts or expressing gratitude, holiday cards are a win-win. 

Capture your audience’s attention by following three tips below: 

Personalized Mail
An effortless way to stand out above the rest is to create your document in a non-standard size, fold in a unique way, magnetize, and more. Personalized mailers see higher response rates – as much as 50 percent – than non-personalized. When you add a name to a mailer, the response is increased by more than 135 percent. With personalization, acquisition costs can be lowered by half, revenue can be raised by 15 percent, and marketing spend efficiency by 30 percent. 

Start Early, Timing is Everything
Start advertising early to ensure your materials are seen before the others. By being one of the first holiday cards, consumers are less likely to toss your card in the bin. Being first also gives customers time to reflect on any deals you are offering and make holiday purchases from your company versus the competition. 

Combine Marketing Strategies To maximize efficiency and your Return on Investment, combine your direct mail campaign with online outreach. E-mail newsletters, social media campaigns, and other online marketing strategies can help boost the efficacy of your direct mail.

Don’t get distracted and overlook holiday mail during the busy season. These mailers are crucial for audience reach and to gain momentum into the new year. 

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Written by the digital marketing team at Creative Programs & Systems: