General Motors (GM) has sparked its own energy storage business called GM Energy, which will utilize its Ultium battery packs to rival the Tesla Powerwall and Powerpack products. GM Energy will power homes, charge cars, and convert energy back to the power grid if necessary. 

GM Energy will be split into three divisions: Ultium Home, Ultium Commercial, and Ultium Charge 360, specifically designed for charging the already-existing fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) made by GM. Using a special software application, Ultium Charge 360 will allow drivers to search for public chargers in the area.  

Tesla’s Powerwall and Powerpack devices are built with similar batteries used to power their cars. GM Energy will have a similar concept; the batteries will be put into large, immobilized packs to store energy. During power outages, the packs will provide power to the property and can even recycle power back into the grid, which usually results in a credit on a power bill. Hydrogen fuel cells will be a part of the new GM Energy lineup, including solar energy products

GM Energy aims to provide software by allowing plugged-in EVs to provide electricity to a home during short-lived power outages. California’s Pacific Gas and Electric will collaborate with GM Energy to test the concept starting in 2023. The Chevrolet Silverado EV pickup is slated to pioneer the bi-directional charging concept. 

The new GM subsidiary will join forces with several major power companies, such as SunPower, to install solar panels on customers’ homes. According to GM, the overall goal of the subsidiary is to mitigate concerns regarding possible strains on the power grid caused by EVs. Allowing EVs to charge using previously saved power would reduce concerns over short-term power loss.   

Moreover, software applications could help EV owners coordinate their charging activity based on usage, peak times, and demand spikes. 

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