Without working every day with electrical components most people remain clueless about what the function of each individual product is.  Industrial settings are the most common situation which you would run in to needing to know about all of the different functions of electrical products.  Below you will find detailed.


The most common component to every circuit you will come in contact with is a resistor.  A resistor is a small part that is used to create electrical resistance within the circuit.  The resistor allows a specific amount of resistance within the electronic circuit.  This element of the circuit controls the flow of current and lowers the voltage that flows through.  Without the use of resistors the electrical products that we use today would not be functional or safe.  The resistor’s qualities make it essential for the usefulness of electrical products.


The second most common component after the resistor is a capacitor.  The capacitor is used to store electrical charges temporarily offering a great value to the efficiency of all the products for which it is used.

When considering how a capacitor works think of it as a battery.  The difference is that a capacitor does not create electrons it only stores them.  There are a variety of capacitors including the following:

Air which is usually a capacitor used in radio tuning circuits.

Commonly used for circuits in which a timer is required, Mylar is used in clocks, an alarms or counters.

A terrific capacitor in high voltage applications is glass.

Used as a capacitor in high frequency applications such as antennas, x-rays and MRI machines is ceramic.


A diode is a component that allows the electrical current to flow in one single direction. The device has two ends known as anode and cathode.  The diode only works when the current flows through and the positive voltage is utilized.


Transistors are used to control the electrical voltage.  They help electricity flow between the two ends and allow electrical devices to keep functioning properly.  Transistors are popular with people as it is incredibly useful when needing to control the electrical voltage that is being sent.

Several electronic components work together in the creation of electronic boards including capacitors, resistors, diodes and transistors.  Other integrated boards use these components as well.  It is crucial that detailed information is gone through before reaching out to distributors.  Without digging through individual details of each component and understanding the value of each sector on its own as well as when used together you would find yourself with so many wholesale electronic component distributors.

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