Digital marketing has dominated the marketing field for more than a decade as potential customers shift their focus from physical media to an online presence. With this shift, television, radio, newspaper, and other previously-relied-on traditional advertising methods have needed to pivot in different directions.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) service companies anticipate the biggest move to traditional advertising at 10.2 percent, while B2C product companies guesstimate they will see five percent growth. Those companies that rely on the internet to provide 100 percent of their sales are switching gears and aiming to increase traditional advertising spending by almost 12 percent through the next year. 

Recent evidence suggests a change is underway. Some factors behind this include: 

Becoming Numb: Many consumers view digital advertising as clutter and do not engage like they used to. For example, frustration from having to watch an ad before a video is fueling the shift back to traditional media.

Tried-and-True: The top most trusted advertising formats are traditional, which include print, television, direct mail, and radio. 

Devouring Cookies: Third-party cookies used to track website visitors are being phased out by both Google and Apple. As a result, more than 20 percent of companies seeking advertisement rely on traditional methods.

Podcast Growth: Similar to traditional radio, podcasts use an on-demand approach with over 100 million monthly listeners who trust their hosts and follow their endorsements. 

While experts have been suggesting traditional advertising will be extinct soon, it is, in fact, poised for major growth for the first time in over ten years. Traditional and digital marketing is the best bet for companies looking to expand their customer base. 


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Written by the digital marketing team at Creative Programs & Systems: