Google recently opened access to Bard, an experimental generative AI to bring experiences to individuals, companies, and neighborhoods. Google touts Bard as a way to improve productivity, satisfy curiosity, and bring ideas to the forefront. Bard can help people reach goals, explain quantum physics, or summarize articles. 

Research Large Language Models (LLMs) can learn from a wide range of data to output information. Bard, an LLM, uses Google as a database to predict responses to questions. Creativity is factored in to make it less predictable and stale. LLMs are known to give momentum to human efficiency, imagination, and curiosity. 

Bard will offer several options of responses at first to get a good feel for the user’s starting point. It helps the user to discover more relevant search results based on their query. 

Bard’s rival is a Microsoft-backed OpenAI called ChatGPT, which one study has found to “Outperform physicians in high-quality, empathetic answers to patient questions.” 

ChatGPT has even been studied for use in neurosurgery, based on medical and surgical implementation, clinical decision-making, and administrative assistance. 

Though Google’s Bard is a fresh addition to the LLM realm, some privacy concerns have caused countries such as Italy to ban the app, subsequently lifting the ban later. Apprehension for LLMs is rooted in their ability to create fake news articles or untrue social media posts. 

Bard is savvy in various genres, from music to organic chemistry, and beyond. The usefulness of LLMs is practically endless. Used properly, Bard is a valuable means to gain knowledge and understanding for humans across the planet. 


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