A severe form of macular degeneration called geographic atrophy is the leading cause of irreversible vision loss in adults over 50. Geographic atrophy impacts 1 million people in the United States.

While macular degeneration is typically considered an incurable eye disease, and its origins are unknown, it has been determined that genetic and environmental factors can contribute to the development of the disease. 

Clinical trials are underway at Willis Eye/Mid Atlantic Retina for Syfovre, the first and only drug to treat this advanced form of macular degeneration, geographic atrophy, which can lead to blindness. While Syfovre has been proven to slow the progression of advanced macular degeneration, it will not reverse or cure the disease. 

Dr. Sunir Garg at Willis Eye said, “It’s a big deal for us because we went from not having anything to finally having something and that is a monumental achievement in our profession. It reduces the inflammation, and the inflammation is what is causing the damage. As time goes on, we can help them [patients] better protect their vision for a longer period of time.” 

Dr. Eleonora Lad, associate professor of ophthalmology at Duke University Medical Center, helped to oversee the clinical study of Syfovre. She said the new treatment is a “game changer” and “the beginning of a new treatment era for patients with geographic atrophy.” 

Macular degeneration experts such as Dr. Steven Schwartz of the UCLA Stein Eye Institute said the FDA’s approval is “very positive” for patients with unmet needs who need to preserve their vision. He said, “It’s particularly important while we continue to rapidly develop stem cell therapies that hold the promise for restoring vision already lost to this horrifying all-to-common cause of central blindness.” 

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