Brrr… If you are in any of the northeast states you realize that winter is upon us. With the cold weather comes snow fall. With snowfall comes slick ice and mounding snow.  Many people begin the snow season believing that they will continue to snow shovel every snow that falls however after about the eighth snow realize this is far to unrealistic and set out to find a company to handle the job for them.  Here are some last minute tips to help you in hiring a snow plowing contractor.


1)      Have several snow removal companies out to survey your situation. The estimates given will vary a great deal.  You will want to define the area to be cleared before they can accurately set the price. If you will require some hand shoveling above and beyond the driveway clearing this will need to be worked into the estimate.


2)      Make sure your expectations are in line with the contractor. How much snow warrants them to come out and plow.  Is it extra if the snow is more than a certain depth?  Contractors price out their services differently. Some offer a fixed price for the season while others use the depth of the snow to charge for their services.


3)      Another thing you will want to do is find out if the contractor uses salt or another chemical to melt the ice that accumulates.  Certain materials used on driveways can eat away at the cement or asphalt.  Be sure if you have a drive that is sensitive to salt that this is conveyed to the snow removal contractor that you hire.


4)      Ask for and call references.  You will want to make sure other clients have been and continue to be satisfied by the snow removal job that the contractor does.


5)      Finally ask for a written contractor.  Everything you discuss should be in writing.


Keep your expectations realistic. Remember if snow is abundant many snow contractors will begin with the business lots before they move to residential lots.