How do you know when it is time to replace your roof instead of just repairing it?  Below you will find common roofing issues and how to handle them.  A roof should last upwards of twenty years with proper care and maintenance.

Algae:  Algae is a nuisance.  It will discolor your shingle roof making it look dirty. Often times people mistake algae for dirt or tree droppings. Algae often occur in the southeast where temperatures are warm and humid.  It is best to purchase algae-resistant shingles to prevent issues from arising. The good thing to note is that an alga does not cause the service life of your shingle to decrease however it is an eye sore.

To get rid of algae it is best to hire a professional roofing contractor to treat the issue.  Using a gentle solution they will work to decrease the discoloration of the roofing while taking special care to not loosen or remove the granules covering the shingles.

Flashing:  Flashing on a roof can become damaged from improper installation or settling of the structure.  If you find this is the case with your roofs flashing it is good to know that this can be repaired.  The roof does not need to be replaced. The flashing can be removed and replaced only needing to repair the flashing and asphalt shingles that had become damaged.

Buckling: Roof buckling is a common issue with roofing.  It can be caused because of several different issues such as improperly laid felt, poor roofing ventilation or a wrinkled underlayment.  The process to fix the buckle is a bit more complex than fixing algae or flashing.

In order to correct the issue with your roof buckling it is best to call in a professional roofing contractor. You will need to allow the moisture that has built up in the roofing to escape and return to the proper moisture level. This should allow the roof to lay flat again.  Next the shingles and felt where the wrinkle has occurred will need to be cut out and replaced adding extra roof ventilation as well.  Roofing contractors will be able to properly vent the attic if it is not adequately done so to begin with.

Ceiling Spots:  When a leak occurs in your roof you can get occurrences of ceiling spots.  This is a roof repair issue in most cases although if the issue has gone unnoticed for some time you could be looking at issues with mold and mildew along with the ceiling spots.  If enough damage has been done and several spots of water entering have been noticed a new roof may be in order.

A professional will come in and determine if there is a leak in the attic, they will check the chimney and flashing for cracks, will look for a travel source for the leak from the original spot and will check the roof for shingle damage.

These are just a few issues that can occur with your roof. Other things to keep an eye out for are missing shingles.  If a shingle is missing the area underneath is not protected. Be sure to have this fixed ASAP. Roof blistering can occur when too much moisture is allowed to build up within the shingle area.  Missing granules can occur as the shingles age.  If you find many shingles are becoming bare or the granules thinning it may be time for a new roof.  Rotting as well is an issue that can lead to a new roof.  Consult a professional roofing contractor if you suspect any issue with your roofing material.