Everyone is looking for ways to make their website design contain the right “ingredients” to ensure top search engine rankings. Below you will find several high priority musts for your website to start on the right road for SEO.

First of all you will want to make sure that the content and text on the site are of quality.  Your site can have all the “right” keywords in the world however without quality content people will not stay on your site and believe it or not search engines will find little value in your site overall.

It is important not only that you have quality content but that it is also unique to your site. Your site should provide content that is unique to your company and the products and services that you offer.  A great way to ensure that the content is unique and relative is to create a blog and post about the industry happenings as they happen.  This will also help as adding content to your site shows search engines that your site is up to date.

Each page within your site should be optimized for a keyword or phrase. Don’t overdo one keyword or phrase for the entire site.  Come up with a combination of keywords and phrases relative to your goals and add them in to the pages of the website.  Another thing to keep in mind is that you want common keywords however it is best to avoid the most popular keywords and aim for the middle ground. It will be easier to optimize your pages.

Make sure that your site is accessible to search engine spiders and screen readers.  The more accessible the better when it comes to drawing traffic and rankings to your website.

When selecting a domain name think about the keyword phrase that best suits your business and incorporate that into the domain name you select.  It is okay to use your business name just try to incorporate the keywords into the entire domain as well.  Be sure the domain is easy to read, spell and say.

Tips are great when it comes to having a healthy website that functions well with search engines but nothing can beat experience when it comes to designing a website.  Website developers are looking at a lot of data and trends when developing a site for you. They are also well aware of META tag needs and changes as well as incorporating key elements that are needed for better results into the whole website equation. It might cost a bit more to hire a web company to design your site but consider the time you are saving and the benefit you are receiving from their knowledge.