No one person fully understands why some marriages last while others don’t.  There are however some common elements that we see to why couples seek a divorce.  Some marriages fall apart because of a number of elements while others just seem to disintegrate for no reason at all.  The list below includes common elements divorce attorneys see in cases of divorce.  Knowing what causes a major to fail may help individuals avoid these failings when seeking a long term relationship in the future.

The most common reason men and women give that are looking to dissolve their marriage is unfaithfulness.  Infidelity causes approximately sixty five percent of all marriages to end.  The hurt that comes along with one spouse cheating on another is almost always a hurt that cannot be mended.  Marriages where infidelity occurs must take massive steps towards repair in order to survive.

Another common reason for divorce is financial disagreements.  Often one partner is a spender and one is a saver.  Instead of working together to determine an appropriate budget to meet both their needs the situation is often ignored.  This leads both partners to feel major resentment towards the other.  This cycle has many pitfalls that eventually lead to divorce.

Addiction is another main reason given as reason that individuals are seeking a divorce.  Addiction to sports, gambling, liquor, drugs or any other substance that causes one spouse to neglect another leaves one spouse feeling neglected and unloved.  In marriage neither partner wants to take a backseat in the others life.  When addiction occurs the person can no longer see the needs of his or her partner and therefore the downward spiral occurs. If you notice addictive tendencies in a person before you marry don’t think that just because they get married they will change. This simply does not occur.  It doesn’t matter what promises are made beforehand.

Physical attraction is most often the first thing that draws us into an attraction and therefore is one of the top reasons the attraction dissolves.  This sounds crazy to many of us however is a very legitimate reason involved in seeking a divorce.  One spouse may feel resentment towards the other if they have gained weight or their appearance has changed drastically.  This decrease in attraction can cause a lack of sexual interest both which result in a failed marriage.

Violence and physical abuse are also listed as top reasons marriages end in divorce.  If one spouse is verbally or physically abusive the marriage is doomed.  This behavior will become more and more violent especially if the abuser doesn’t recognize the issue at hand.  If one partner is unwilling to change a divorce is inevitable.

Immaturity is another common occurrence in marriage that leads one spouse to file for divorce.  Marriage is intended for two committed adults.  When one of these individuals fails to advance to the next level of maturity it can become too cumbersome a job for the other to take on.  Raising children on top of dealing with an immature spouse can become overwhelming.

Marriage is not to be entered into lightly and neither is divorce.  Divorce attorneys advise couples experiencing any type of conflict first meet with a counselor to seek out resolution before committing to a divorce.  After this process there will be clarity on whether a reconciliation can be worked towards or not.

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