The number of electronic entry gates installed is increasing as new subdivisions are developed and privacy within ones home environment becomes more and more sacred.  With every electronic investment there come advantages and disadvantages to weigh.  Although the advantages outweigh the disadvantages when installing an electronic driveway gate there are disadvantages that must be considered.

One of the main advantages with an electronic driveway gate is the added security to your family home and property.  Anyone that enters the area must provide a secure connection to open the gate.  Gate entry comes in several different forms from remote controls to key pads depending on what the owner desires.  This reduces the number of unwanted visitors to the property as they are unable to enter the area due to a driveway that is blocked by a secure gate.  To allow visitors into the property the owner will need to open the gate.  This allows the resident to verify visitors before entry.

Another benefit that comes along with having an electronic driveway gate or entrance gate is the increase in value to your home.  It gives your property or subdivision an upper class status as electronic entries have become a symbol of wealth.  Buyers have noted choosing one home over another when looking to buy because of the addition of an entry gate.

Electronic gates have a convenience that older gates don’t; the ability to open and close them without leaving the comfort of their vehicles. When the weather is less than perfect or you get home later than normal there is no need to exit the vehicle to open and close the gate.   With remote controlled entry and gate operators the gate opens and closes from the convenience of your vehicle.

Gate operators are available in two different styles to choose from including swinging and sliding options.   Sliding gate operators are perfect for spaces with limited access as they conveniently slide into themselves when opening.  Swing gates are perfect when your space is unlimited and flat.

The main disadvantage that comes with purchasing and installing an electric gate is the expense.  It is a large financial commitment; though this home improvement cost is usually recouped with the increase in equity to the home.  Another disadvantage can come when choosing the material in which to use for your new fence.   If you choose a wooden gate you will need to provide yearly maintenance to keep it in working order unlike aluminum which is basically maintenance free.

Another disadvantage can come during a power failure or malfunctioning system.  This is true of all electrical components.  A battery backup can be installed to protect against power failures but nothing can fully prevent the inconvenience of a system that malfunctions.

As you can see the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages that come along with installing an electronic entrance gate. If you have the financial resources an aluminum entry gate is the ideal addition to any home driveway.

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