It’s summer! Many families celebrate the arrival of the sunshine season by opening their pools.  In-ground pools are installed using a variety of different materials from fiberglass to plaster.  If you are looking to celebrate the arrival of summer by installing a new in-ground swimming pool consider a gunite, otherwise known as concrete, pool.

Gunite has many advantages over other pool materials.  Gunite is a type of reinforced concrete that is strong, durable and adaptable to most any desired size or shape.

For a gunite pool to be installed the crew will dig a hole around the desired space.  Then the pools plumbing will be put into place and a framework grid made from three eighths steel reinforced rods will be placed.  Once the grid is in place and secured with wire the crew will spray in a heavy coat of gunite in between and around the rebar that is in place.  The gunite is a mixture of cement, sand and water.  This mixture is then smoothed out by the crew and left to set for about a week or so before they apply the smooth plaster finish onto the rough concrete surface. The entire process takes between thirty to ninety days depending on your contractor and the weather.

Gunite is used in most luxury pools as it can be designed to any shape or size desired.  Custom designed pools are most easily created from gunite.  This concrete mixture gives the pool a more natural looking pool.  With the introduction of new designs families can use gunite to have a pool created to resemble a Florida beach, vanishing edges or even backyard ponds.

Advantages of a Gunite Swimming Pool

  • An in-ground swimming pool created using gunite is a permanent structure.  It becomes an extension of your home and works to increase the homes equity.  It also adds to the beauty of the landscape which works to increase the overall value of the property.
  • A gunite pool is more customizable and therefore unique and personal.  It may cost a bit more and take a few more weeks to install but are more than worth it.  You can literally customize the entire area and every little detail.
  • A gunite pool can use a variety of finishes including tile, exposed aggregate and even fiberglass.
  • Homeowners can work outside the box to seek a design created to reflect their home and personality.
  • Gunite is highly durable and can withstand climate changes when closed properly for the season.
  • A gunite pool will last a very long time.  The plaster protective layer will need replacing every ten to fifteen years which is easily completed by professionals specializing in pool plastering and repair services. 

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