The major concern homeowners have when looking into aluminum fencing is how much it will cost to purchase the materials and have the fence installed.  The truth is that many factors go into the overall cost of a new fence.  It is unreasonable to assume that your fence will cost you the same amount as your neighbor’s fence cost them.  So much goes into the overall cost of designing, ordering and installing a new aluminum fence: fence grades, decorative options, rackability, sizes and more all contribute to the overall expense.

For many DIY it is important to have a ballpark amount in mind before beginning any home improvement project.  The first step to be taken to start calculating the cost of your new aluminum fence is to measure your fence lines.   This will help you determine the number of fence panels and posts that will be needed.  Consider that most aluminum fence panels come in a six foot standard size; aluminum fence posts are almost always two inches square.  It is always better to have more fence than you need than not enough fencing.  You can cut down a fence but you cannot make it grow.

Another factor that is in play is the height of the fence.  Most wholesale aluminum fence suppliers offer three different height options: forty eight inches, fifty four inches and sixty inches.  The taller the panel the more it will cost as it requires more material to be used.

The grade of fencing chosen is also a large factor in the overall cost.  Wholesale aluminum fence comes in four grades: residential, commercial, pool, industrial.  The thicker the fencing the more it will cost.  Residential aluminum fence is the most cost effective and perfect for most homeowner’s applications as perimeter fencing and decorative landscape options.  Pool grade fencing must meet certain standards set for by the B.O.C.A. and can cost more due to these regulations and standards.

Another factor that changes the overall cost of your aluminum fence is the style gate that is chosen.  Not only do gates come in three available heights, homeowners must also decide if they would like a single or double panel gate.  For most residential applications a single gate is all that is needed however if at any point will require a large truck to enter.

One of the last factors in determining the cost of your aluminum fence is the accessories desired.  Extras such as ornamental finials, specific colors, puppy pickets, rackability and more will all go into factoring the overall expense.  Of course the lower you are hoping to keep the overall cost of the fence the fewer options you will want to include when designing your fence.

With most online wholesale aluminum fence manufactures there is an option online to add and subtract extra accessories when designing your fence to create the aluminum fence of your dreams within your desired budget.

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