The road to finding the perfect kitchen cutlery is not one that has to be complicated or expensive.  Buying quality kitchen knives isn’t about purchasing an expensive set of knives; it is all about the basics.  The most important tip is to purchase knives that fit and feel right in your hand.  It will not matter what the latest chef is endorsing or what celebrity name accompanies the knife block set, what matters most is how it feels when you are using it.

The basics are important when buying cutlery.  When it comes to the assembly of a kitchen knife there are four basic components to every knife; the front of the knife, the tang, the bolster and the handle.  Each component offers a unique benefit to the user.

The front of the knife contains the knife blade, spine, tip and heel.  The part that cuts is the knife blade.  This is the sharpest part of the knife and is incredibly important to the knife’s use.  The spine of the knife is the area opposite of the blade.  The spine is used to add stability and weight to the blade and is the area in which you can add pressure when cutting without the worry of slicing your hand. The knife tip is the area that comes to a point on the end of the blade.  The tip is perfect for smaller cuts and for help in opening packages that are difficult to open.

The knife tang is the metal piece that extends from the knife blade that the handle attaches to.  The tang, along with the spine are the pieces of the knife that offer balance and weight.  Without the tang the knife would be too front heavy for proper use.

The knife bolster is the area on the knife that looks like a collar that separates the handle from the blade.  The collar is an important part of the knife as it acts as a guard for your fingers against possible slipping when cutting with the knife.  In knives the bolster can run all the way from the spine to the edge or on a partial way.  Quality knives for the kitchen will have a bolster.  Knives without bolsters are not a good choice for use in the kitchen.

Kitchen knives can be purchase with handles made out of several different materials.  The importance when choosing a knife handle material is how it feels in your hand as you are cutting with it.  Note that just because you choose a paring knife with a plastic handle this does not mean that all of your cutlery will feel best with plastic handles.  In cutlery it is okay to mix and match to meet your preferences.  Look at all the options in materials for your knife handles including wood, composite, stainless steel and plastic.

When seriously looking to purchase kitchen knives it is a good option to go to several department stores to test out the different options and to see what fits your needs.  When purchasing kitchen cutlery look online. Many online knife specialty stores offer the same knives as department stores at a discounted price.  Online shopping for knives is a great way to get the cutlery you are looking for without breaking the bank. is an online retailer specializing in a variety of specialty knives including kitchen cutlery and top brands such as Zero Tolerance, Boker Tree Knives, W.R. Case Knives and more.  For more information or to purchase a variety of knives online find us at