Our series on pocket knives is coming to an end as we discuss blade steel, handle materials and opening mechanisms.  In our series we have looked at the different size pocket knives that are available, blade numbers, blade types, blade sizes and prices.   If you are considering the purchase of a pocket knife you will want to review the different options that have been discussed to find the perfect pocket knife for you.

When it comes to the blade steel options of pocket knives there are two main options to consider, stainless steel and carbon steel.  There are advantages and disadvantages with each type of metal options.  Stainless steel is easy to sharpen, resistant to rust, is great when being used in the rain and an ideal choice for survival knives.  If you are going to use the pocket knife in survival situations stainless steel is a perfect choice.  The disadvantages of stainless steel are that it quickly dulls, is more susceptible to stains and does not get as sharp as carbon steel.

Carbon steel is also a great material for pocket knives as well.  With carbon the edge is held longer, the material is harder than stainless steel, is super durable when used roughly and is a great blade for use in hunting.  The disadvantage is that is it more difficult to sharpen, is susceptible to rust and can stain.  Choose the material for your pocket knife based on what options and advantages are the best options for your circumstances.

Pocket knives come in a variety of handle materials to choose from.  Consider the look and feel that you desire when you choose a knife.  Aluminum is a light weight pocket knife material choice.  Celluloid is a material that can be turned into any color and fabricated to resemble natural materials. Bone, wood, steel, stag, titanium and more make up modern day pocket knife handles.

There are three types of opening mechanisms available for the blade when you purchase a pocket knife.  Manual-opening is the most common.  With manual pocket knives there is often a groove on the knife that makes it simple to open using the tip of your nail.  An automatic/switchblade is another option in pocket knife opening mechanisms.  This type of blade automatically opens with the push of a button.  A newer option in pocket knife opening mechanisms is the assisted-opening option.  An internal device engages the blade when pressure is employed upon the knife blade.

Locking mechanisms are also important on pocket knives.  Liner lock, lock back, mid lock, frame lock, ring lock and lever lock are all options available the only real difference is the location of the lock and the manner in which it is released.  Once the knife is locked in place no matter what type the blade is as stable as with any other lock.

Shopping for the perfect knife, whether it is a pocket knife or fixed blade knife is never simple.  There are many variables and options to consider.  Be prepared to test a few knives and top knife brands out before settling on a favorite.  Top knife brands can be purchase through online retailers at deeply discounted prices over those of retailers.  Consider this when looking to purchase survival gear and specialty knives.

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