Hunters and fisherman alike all know that having a solid knife in their arsenal of tools is essential. Having a good knife is essential however when it comes to finding one that meets all of your needs the choices can become quite overwhelming.  Below are some tips to help you find a solid hunting knife for your outdoor adventures.

The first thing that you will want to consider and decide upon when it comes to choosing a knife to carry with you on hunting adventures is between a fixed knife and a folding knife.  For the heavy duty tasks involved in hunting a fixed knife offers the best stability.  A fixed blade knife is rugged, reliable, sturdy and simple to clean.  The main drawback is that fixed knives are bulky and take up more space than a folding knife.  To transport a fixed blade knife can be made simpler when using a sheath attaching the knife to a belt or boot.

If you do choose to use a folding knife instead because of the easy to carry feature a lock-back folding knife is a solid choice for a hunting knife.  A lock-back knife allows the blade to be locked in place using a locking mechanism creating a solid knife to assist in all of your hunting needs.  With the technology present in knives that are currently produced there is little risk involved in the locking mechanism to fail.  With any hunting accessory be aware of the risks and rewards.

The length of the blade is also important when seeking out a knife to use in hunting.  Choose a hunting knife that is between three and four inches long for the best results.  This is the perfect size knife blade for control and maneuverability. Consider the size of the animal that is being hunted as well.  Smaller animals can easily be skinned and gutted with a three inch blade as a four inch blade makes for an easier job on larger game.

The blade point is equally important on hunting knives.  There are three popular options in hunting knives today including a clip point, drop point and modified clip, drop, spear point.  A clip point blade offers a concave back with a fine point.  This blade is perfect for making small punctures like ones needed for removing deer rectums. A drop point blade offers a convex back.  This type of blade offers more maneuverability for skinning game and tends to reduce the risk of puncturing the animals hide. A modified blade can be found on lock-back style hunting knives and offers the advantages of both blades.

The handle on your hunting blade is as important to your hunting knife as the blade length as well as type.  Both wood and bone handles are popular options when choosing a knife to carry with you while hunting.  They tend to be warmer to the touch then a metal handle on those cool autumn and winter mornings.  The problem with wood and bone is that they are often adorned with metal inlays which can feel quite cold.  Knife handles made from polymer and nylon are the best options as they offer a combination of a solid grip, warmth and tend to lessen the overall expense of a hunting knife. Find a handle that fits your hand, is easy to grip and contours to your thumb and fingers.

A solid hunting knife is like a best friend that accompanies you on all of your outdoor adventures; be sure to find one (or two) that are perfect for your next hunt. is an online retailer specializing in a variety of specialty knives including hunting knives and top brands such as Zero Tolerance, Boker Tree Knives, W.R. Case Knives and more.  For more information or to purchase a variety of knives online find us at