Having the right tools no matter what trade you are in is important.  This is true for everyone from mechanics to artists to chefs.  Quality tools and materials to work with seem to always make every job or task so much easier.  An artist can’t use the fifty cent drug store paint brushes that come in school watercolor kits as the bristles tend to fall out.  A true artist needs a quality brush and top of the line watercolors.  The same is true in the kitchen.

Every kitchen from the novice home kitchen to a five star restaurant kitchen they all need quality knives to prepare food with.  Food preparations are not only made simpler with quality tools but presentation of the food is better as well.  With that said here is some advice on finding essential cutlery pieces for your home kitchen.

At first it is important to be equipped with the basics; a chef’s knife, a utility knife, a paring knife and a knife for slicing.  These are essential knives for all home kitchens.  Not only are these pieces a must but they also must be made of quality materials that work with your style of cooking.

You must first determine if you prefer knives that are forged or stamped.  Most people will have a preference.  A forged knife is made of one single piece of steel and cut and molded into shape.  Forged knives offer a sturdy blade option with a solid bolster and heel that helps to protect your hand during cutting.  A stamped knife is a knife that is made by machine.  They are stamped out and identical to the other knives being produced with it.  Stamped knives tend to be more flexible and inexpensive than forged knives.  Both forged and stamped knives are capable of performing in the kitchen.  They do cut differently and feel different when held so take time to test out both options until you can tell which you prefer.

Another thing to consider when choosing cutlery is the level of care that you will be able to provide when using the knives.  In busy families knives tend to sit in a sink and go unwashed after meal prep or even thrown in the dishwasher both of which are not advisable.  If this describes your busy family consider finding a low maintenance knife that is not prone to corrosion.  Kitchen knives that require regular sharpening are probably not ideal either.  It is important to note that your kitchenware needs to be ideal for you and your family. Quality can be purchased at all levels of care.

One more tip in finding kitchen knives that will help you become a meal preparation master is the handle grip.  When thinking about the four essential knives we spoke about earlier consider that if you purchase a set they will all have the same handle style.  This may not be appropriate for you.  I prefer a larger handle for my chef’s knife with a grip whereas on my paring and slicing knife I prefer a smooth small handle.

Many stores provide a knife testing station.  It is important that before you put money into a set of cutlery that you are happy with the way it performs and handles with you.  When testing knives work with a variety of mediums from meats to fruit to herb; this will allow you to see how well the knife performs for a variety of purposes.

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