Owning your own home comes with a great sense of responsibility and pride. Homeownership is something that everyone dreams of. Owning your home allows you the freedom to create a space that is unique to your style. It is a place where you can raise your family, create memories and live for many years to come. With homeownership comes home maintenance both interior and exterior. In order for homeowners to keep their homes intact they need to keep up on not only the decorative measures but also the functional ones as well.

The plumbing needs to work, the electricity must function and the structure must be strong. One such feature that may not appear to be of importance if your homes roof. In reality your homes roof is the protective barrier that safeguards the structure of your home. Your roof allows your homes structure to withstand the affects of harsh and unpredictable weather conditions. Without a solid roof your homes structure and foundation is at risk.

The roof is the first location on your home that sustains damage from Mother Nature. Your home is at a disadvantage when it comes to the many ways in which it can sustain damage. Your roof takes a beating in every season; from rain to snow, from blazing heat to icy hail your roof has to keep on bearing the stress in order for you to live comfortably and stress free.

A homes roof can be designed from a variety of materials including metal, asphalt, tile, slate and more. Different roofing materials work better in different climates. For instant clay tiles work well in hotter temperatures where as asphalt shingles and metal roofing tend to be more resilient in climates that vary from super cold to incredibly hot and humid.

Metal roofing is a popular option that many homeowners choose because of its overwhelming value. Metal roofing can last a lifetime where as asphalt lasts only between fifteen and twenty years.

Roofs that are metal are non-combustible and can actually help prevent a fire if struck by lightning. The lightning will dissipate upon impact. There is a myth that lightning is attracted to metal roofs however this is false. Another myth is that metal roofs rust. This is actually false as well. Metal roofs are bonded with a protective layer, similar to zinc which works to keep your roof from rusting.

The cost of hiring a roofing contractor to install metal roofing is comparable to that of installing an asphalt roof when you consider the overall lifespan of the roof. This is an added benefit especially given the time impact of installing a new roof. Replacing your roof one time over the lifespan of your home over multiple times is a great advantage of metal over asphalt.

Some more advantages of metal roofing are the decreased air conditioning costs during the hot, humid summer months. There are also a variety of styles and colors to choose from when looking into purchasing a metal roof. There is sure to be a color and design that will add a unique look to any home that is complimentary to not only your home but the entire neighborhood. As with many other environmentally friendly home improvements metal roofing gives you a government tax credit. Be sure that your roofing contractor installs your metal roof with Energy Star approved materials.

Having a metal roof installed on your home is just one way in which homeowners can show the pride they have in their homes.

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