Although there are a variety of advantages to each material used in roofing, metal roofing wins out over all the other options in regards to durability.  Homeowners may pay more for the materials and labor used in metal roofing over other materials such as shingles, however the advantage being that you will not have to replace your homes roof for an extended period of time over others.  Metal roofs can last for upwards of fifty years while asphalt shingles have a lifespan of about twenty years.  This can save you money to use on other home improvement projects.

There are many designs, styles and colors in metal roofing to choose from when looking into replacing your homes roof.  You will want something that compliments the exterior of your home as well as the rest of the neighborhood.  Your home should not be the eyesore within the neighborhood.  If it stands out from the other homes it is important it does so for the right reasons.  With metal roofing you can choose from a variety of styles, designs and colors that will compliment your home and neighborhood.

Metal roofing is also a more eco-friendly option to roofing over asphalt.  Each year there are twenty billion pounds of asphalt shingles discarded into landfills each and every year.  This is an extreme situation to place on our environment.  By installing a metal roof on your home you are choosing a material that is made up of sixty percent recycled materials.  Another benefit is that metal roofing can be installed right over shingles thus less waste is being contributed to landfills each year.

Metal roofing also maintains its value over the long term.  Other roofing materials can last twenty to twenty five years.  With metal roofing you will not have to replace the roof for at least fifty years.  In perspective, metal roofing continues to hold its value over a longer period of time over asphalt shingles roofs.

Metal roofs also help to save money on homeowners insurance.  Metal roofs are less of a risk for insurance companies because they are fire-resistant and do not deteriorate over time like other roofing materials do.  Some insurance companies offer a discount of up to thirty five percent on homeowner’s insurance policies for having a metal roof.

Having a metal roof installed is a large expense although it comes with many added benefits.  When choosing to have a metal roof installed on your home interview several roofing contractors.  Work with a roofing contractor that specializes in metal roof installation for the best results.

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