Bathrooms can sometimes be an afterthought when it comes to windows. This leaves many houses with a windowless bathroom that feels boxed in.

  1. Use Glass and Lucite: Without windows, you might want to decorate with objects that don’t absorb light. With a small amount of color and transparent yet functional pieces, Lucite is a perfect accessory on the counter. Glass is more delicate; either material is not only functional but can de-clutter your space with ease.

  2. Embrace White: One of the best ways to reflect light is to use white throughout the space. White accessories and furniture can be used instead of paint – think outside of the box and keep the room fresh by adding a breezy chair, delicate rug, fixtures, and more.

  3. Mirror, Mirror: Known to expand spaces, mirrors are great for creating distance or double the space visually. Full mirrors are especially handy for extending areas and, bonus, are super easy to install.

  4. Airy Vanity: These can sometimes be clunky and chunky aspects of the bathroom, but if you can store some bathroom items in a nearby closet, a longer, more open vanity will help the area feel less boxy. You can also add a towel shelf to open the space up.
  • Fake It: Though your bathroom might not physically have a window, you could make it appear as though a window is there. If you add a bathroom shade in front of a blank wall and add a light behind it, it will give an illusion of a window.
  • Lighting: Windows allow horizontal light in the room to balance overhead light, so without a window, vertical lighting can flatten the space. Wall fixtures offer another option for horizontal light and can bring a glow into your space.

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