A new product is only as good as its marketing.  Without proper advertising and promotion no one will know what your product is, how it benefits them or exactly where it can be found for purchase.  A major component of product marketing is labeling.  The product should be labeled in a manner that not only exposes it to the public but also promotes each and every important aspect and quality the product possesses.

Labeling options are plentiful.  Product labels range from roll fed labels to pressure sensitive. Shrink sleeves are however without a doubt the best type of label to use when introducing a new product to the market.

The Advantages Of Shrink Sleeves Are Abundant

  • Branding: Companies are often known because of the brands they represent.  A large percentage of consumers purchase products or services only because the brand interests them.  When a brand is finally established a custom product label can be designed.  Using shrink sleeve labels allows the entire container to be wrapped in a custom, colorful image filled label that promotes a variety of aspects of the product from top to bottom on the new product.
  • Resilient and Adaptable: Traditional labeling is often limited in several aspects.  When it comes to oddly shaped product containers a traditional label is not the best option.  Shrink sleeve labels are created in a manner that allows the entire label to fit over the odd shaped package.  Shrink sleeve labels can be created in a wide variety of colors with a solid amount of valuable consumer information.  Shrink sleeves are most often printed on transparent film.  Shrink sleeves also reduce the chance of damage that is occurred during shipping.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Older product labels are not created from plastic that is difficult to recycle.  Newer materials, including shrink sleeves, use a combination of materials that are biodegradable.  Shrink sleeves are created from a mixture of materials such as polyactic acid, which is based from corn.  Label manufacturers can design shrink sleeves from lightweight materials that eliminate a need for extra protection that is required on traditional plastic labels.  This reduces fuel costs, removes heavy overwrapping on cartons and allows for larger shipments.

Shrink sleeve labeling allows companies to advertise their products with an easiness not often found in labeling.  Shrink sleeves create low cost label design and production.  They also create an energy efficient way to advertise and market new products that are being marketed.  Saving money on custom label production allows companies to enhance their brands and further develop their products.

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