Is this the year that installing a swimming pool has become a reality?  Congrats, you have become one of the eight million pool owners.  Having a swimming pool is beneficial for so many reasons: it is a great source for daily exercise, entertainment, and the additional value to the property.  When considering the installation of a commercial or residential in-ground pool the most important thing to take into account is the safety of the pool.  Owning a pool is an enormous responsibility for a homeowner.  It is crucial that children and pets are protected.  It is essential that entering the pool unattended is not possible.  Unwanted guests must also be prohibited from taking a dip when you aren’t home.

With aluminum fencing and self locking latching gates your mind can be put at ease.  When a solid aluminum fence and gate are needed to secure the in-ground pool addition it is crucial to do research on your pool fence.  In order to make an informed purchasing decision it is important to consider the following advice.

Pool Safety Fencing Is A Must

No matter where you live whether it is a neighborhood or in tim-buck-to a safety fence enclosing the perimeter of the pool is mandatory.  In order for a pool to be installed it must meet a number of local, state and federal requirements.  Not to mention that most neighborhoods and H.O.A.’s have their own set of rules to follow.  Insurance companies are also vital in considering your fencing needs.  Insurance companies will not insure homeowners without a fence and self closing/latching gate in place enclosing the pool area.

The Pool Fence Must Meet Specific Requirements

Check with local, state and federal requirements when it comes to installing a fence around your homes swimming pool.  The B.O.C.A. has specific requirements as well.  Homeowners are not absolved from the law for failing to follow the legislation that is required of pool owners.  It is essential that homeowners looking to install a pool understand the requirements of safety fencing.

Fencing Must Be Installed Only On Property You Own

Never forget where the property lines are.  Have your property professionally surveyed and staked.  This will ensure that the property in which the pool and aluminum fence is installed is yours.  When installing a fence on a neighbor’s property, or a pool for that matter, you will incur all of the expenses involved in removing and reinstalling the aluminum pool safety fencing.

Pool Fencing Must Meet Certain Requirements

It is not okay to install an aluminum fence that meets the height requirements but fails to reach code set forth for the bottom of the fencing.  When planning for, ordering and installing an aluminum pool fence speak with professionals that understand the intricacies of pool fencing installation.

It is imperative that pool owners are informed before making an aluminum pool fence purchase.  Working with experts throughout the pool fence planning process makes sure that all of the requirements of pool safety fencing are met.

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