In any sport one is involved with it is important to dress the part.  This is where running gear comes into play.  However running gear is only one aspect of the sport.  Like parenting people often mask the embarrassing issues that need to be addressed in favor of focus on the fun aspects. With running this includes the running gear and special shoes and with parenting leads one to believe it is all sunshine and bliss.  With parenthood no one tells you about milk leaking at all hours of the day and the diapers that will need to be worn under your maternity pants as you bring your newborn home.  The same is true with running; no one shares leaking bladder stories or rashes.  That is what this article will address; the embarrassing aspects involved in the sport of running.

Runners are in a league of their own with aliments running the gamete from bleeding nipples to black toe nails.  While these issues are common many runners find they are too embarrassed to address the issues relevant with a friend, trainer or doctor.  However, as with parenthood these are the exact people to confide in with embarrassing situations and issues.  Trainers and doctors know how to help fix the issues as it is evident that not only one runner, you, is suffering from embarrassing ailments.

The first issue to address is blackened toenails.  A runner will often find black toenails when training for a long-distance event.  It is often more disturbing to look at than anything and may only cause very minor pain.  Usually toenails will turn black because of the toes constant contact with the shoe.  It is a blood blister that forms under the toe and being unable to breathe cannot heal properly.  To prevent this a runner should buy shoes an inch and a half bigger than normal, keep toe nails trimmed and feet dry using wicking socks.  If however, a runner finds themselves with this embarrassing ailment the best treatment is to ignore it, let the nail fall off and gradually a new nail will grow in its place.

Another issue more common amongst women runners than men is leaky bladder.  This happens when pelvic muscles become weak, this happens with age and child birth.  In order to prevent this and to keep the pelvic muscles strong it is important to keep up on Kegel exercises.  If after taking time to perform exercise to strength bladder muscles nothing seems to help a doctor may suggest surgery.

Diarrhea is more common than many running groups would have the public believe.  Running maintains healthy bowels sometimes at the most in appropriate time.  Experiencing cramps, gas or bowel movements during or directly after running is embarrassing.  As a runner it is not an elite group that has issues with the above, many runners do and never say a thing about it.  Some tips to follow are avoiding high fiber meals before running.  Drink plenty of water and electrolyte drinks before and during a run.  If you must eat before a run choose something like a banana which is known to cause diarrhea. If in the middle of a long race facing these issues stop at one of the many pit stops.  It is easier to face the rest of a race with an empty bowel than one that is cranky.

Sweat causes another embarrassing issue amongst runners, acne.  This can occur on a runners face, chest or back.  To combat this a runner should change out of sweaty clothes immediately better yet jump in the shower to wash away the grime and sweat that has built up.

Another thing that is important to address in an article all about embarrassing things that go along with running is sore and bleeding nipples.  This happens, mostly to men, from chaffing.  When a shirt rubs up and down the already sensitive area becomes raw.  This causes chaffing and sometimes blood to come from the nipple region.  Common fixes to this issue is Vaseline or band-aids to cover the region.  Proper running gear such a tight fitting bra or tank top should alleviate the issue for men and women alike.