It is official Christmas is right around the corner.  Consumers are finally finished paying off last year and now they get to do it all over again.  This year with the children a theme is being picked and played off of from every member in the family.  The little lady wants a kitchen with lots of household accessories.  This is fabulous and a gift that everyone is anxious to add their personal touches too.

First is the main kitchen.  This has been so much fun in comparison to other personalized toys we have purchased in the past.  This one is actually specifically being built with her in mind.  Her kitchen is being built equipped with a kitchen island on wheels with space below to store food and cooking utensils.

The one thing extra special is that each piece is unique and does not come jammed all together in one tiny space.  The sink is its own separate unit.  It is neat because a port allows clean water to be pumped into it but then released into storage port.  This way she does not just have to pretend to “wash” the dishes.

The stove and oven combination are really cool also with knobs that turn and provide the click-click sound along with little lights that make the burners glow hot.  The oven has its own special light so that she will be able to watch the cookies as they bake just like on a real oven.  It is also super safe because the lights work on a timer and shut off automatically after an allotted time of not being played with all this without emitting any heat.

She is going to have fun redesigning her kitchen every day.  The dishwasher is pretty neat too.  The racks both pull out for easy stacking of the dishes.  It has all the neat features in the rack space like a larger dishwasher does.  There is a special space for silverware, glasses, bowls and plates.  This dishwasher she can load anyway she wants and no one will ever tell her there are too many dishes and they will never get clean.

The refrigerator is pretty cool too.  The one she will end up with has a little bit of fake frost in the freezer and has space in the doors for milk, condiments and all types of drawers for meat, fruit and cheese.  This kitchen space is going to be a hit.

The family loves to pull together personalized kids toys.  It is the neatest concept in mini kitchen design ever.  They are going to build and stain the kitchen cup boards with the same materials that were used in our kitchen and even are using laminate that resembles the granite in the big kitchen.

Family members have already been seeking out the latest mini kitchen gadgets for the space.  It is amazing the items that have been found.  A toaster that actually pops the toast, which is of course little slats of wood designed to look like bread.  Another cool personalized gift is the chef hat and apron that have been personalized with her name and made in her favorite color, purple.  A friend of ours found a blender that spins and a cool coffee maker with built in lights and gurgle sounds.

The baking pans, utensils, pots, plates and cups all look like shrunk divisions of the items within the home kitchen.  It is amazing the things that can be personalized to meet a child’s fantasy.  The mini microwave even has a little timer, dinger, light and spinning tray.  Defiantly makes a parent want to play.