When purchasing a new home homeowners look around to see what the home needs in the way of updates.  Often times the flooring is one of the first issues people look into.  Flooring renovations are accomplished with so much more ease when appliances and furniture are not involved in the equation.  Flooring options range from expensive hardwoods to inexpensive laminate.

For every family and every situation there are pros and cons to for each of the different flooring options.  A busy family of four with a dog might consider something less expensive and more durable aka scratch resistant than a single homeowner with a declawed cat.  When looking into flooring options it is best to review the materials, the ease of installation, ease of maintenance, durability, costs and the overall look and feel the homeowner wishes to bring to the home.

Ceramic tile is an incredibly durable, easy to maintain flooring renovation option.  In order for ceramic tile renovations to take place the old flooring needs to be removed for the fresh to be installed.  Removing old ceramic tile is not fun or easy.  The process can be made easier with the right tools and preparation.

The first step is to remove all caulk and grout first.  A grout saw makes this job easier.  This digs in the grout loosening it and helping to set the tiles free.  This process becomes easier if the homeowner is not worried about saving the tiles for later use.  When removing tile it is best for the homeowner to start on the outside and work into a room.  Work one tile at a time up and dispose of it.  This makes the clean up easier.

You may need to use gentle force to remove the tiles.  When the tiles were put into place it was for the long haul so removing them will not be without involving manual labor of some type.  Using a putty knife and hammer will be able to loosen and remove most of the tiles without damage to the underling surface.  Use special care to prevent damage from the underlayment and you will be able to reuse the underlayment for the new floor.

In order to complete the flooring renovation with the new ceramic it is important that the area is prepped.  This includes providing an environment free of dust, loose bits of grout and a level surface to install the new floor.  Before laying any tile it is important to measure and mark the floor for the center point.  This can be easily accomplished using a chalk line from each opposing wall.  The center of your room will be where the two chalk lines intersect.

Before any glue is mixed the flooring should be spaced and laid out.  Home improvement facilities sell small rubber spacers that will help to keep the tiles lined up and evenly spaced.  Once the tiles have been fit into place, dry placement, then the homeowner will go back and mix up the adhesive.  The adhesive will be applied using a trowel and the work will need to be done quickly so that the adhesive does not dry out.  The main goal in laying the new ceramic tile is to work fast and be consistent with the spacing and height of the tiles.

Once the ceramic tiles are dry, which usually takes a day or two, the grout can be applied.  First the rubber stoppers are removed and the grout mixed.  It is important to mix the grout correctly if this process is not done right the homeowner will find that the grout does not set and they will have a mess on their hands removing it.  The gout consistency will be perfect when it holds its shape.  Taking a huge heap of grout it will need to be pushed into the cracks to fill the area completely.  You can remove access grout off of the tile using a damp sponge and wiping the tiles clean.  Homeowners will finish the job by applying a sealer onto the grout lines.

Flooring renovations are a great way to bring new life to a home.  Budget conscience renovations are out there and can be found throughout the flooring industry.  It is important if a concern is cost that homeowners speak to retailers regarding and clearance or discontinued flooring options.  They will be as eager to clear it out as the homeowner will be to save a few dollars.  Many will work with you to accumulate the flooring desired from other stores to make up the square footage needed for the renovation.